Twitter shuts down the meme about the “distancing meme” that’s ruining their business

The social distanced meme is getting a new look.

Twitter has shut down the original meme that’s causing havoc on the company’s platform.

The original version of the meme has been going viral since it first surfaced last fall.

It depicted a woman standing in a line of cars with a gun.

The meme has gotten a lot of attention on social media, but Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says the company is taking the meme down as it becomes “unwieldy and distracting” for users.

Dorsey addressed the meme on Twitter, saying he had “a lot of people telling me it was going to be a distraction, so I’m going to take it down.”

Dorsey made the announcement at a press event for a new version of his social distancer.

Twitter CEO said that the company was shutting down the “unreliable” meme because it was “distracting” and “unacceptable.”

Twitter is trying to address the meme, which has generated a ton of discussion on social platforms, and has taken a more nuanced approach to it.

In the past, the company has said it would block the meme if users used the word “distraction.”

Twitter said it was taking the word out of the context of the original post to “clear up the confusion” and get users to focus on other things.

But the original message had “serious consequences for the company,” Twitter said.

In a blog post announcing the shutdown, Dorsey said that Twitter was taking steps to address what he called the “undesirable effect” of the word.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure our users have a safe, productive, and fun experience on Twitter,” Dorsey wrote, “we’ve decided to remove the word ‘distraction’ from our Terms of Service.”

Dorst says he “would have loved to see Twitter take this one step further” and take the word off the Terms of Services, but it was unclear what changes would come from the decision.

Dorson wrote that Twitter’s “distribution guidelines are not intended to prevent or deter the use of a particular content on our platform.”

“However, we believe that if a content creator can show that they have a legitimate reason to use the word distraction to create content on Twitter that is inconsistent with the overall tone of our product, then we’ll consider removing it,” Dorson added.

Dorston also wrote that he had instructed the company to remove “distractions” from its Terms of Use.

The company had been under fire for its use of the term distraction, and its suspension of the “Distraction” tweet.

In response to the new post, Twitter’s community manager tweeted that the social distances had been removed from its Twitter page.

It has also taken steps to ensure users get the word in context of their Twitter posts.

Twitter is also working on ways to help users communicate with each other and prevent the use and spread of “distracted content,” which has become increasingly popular in recent months.

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