Social distancing is the practice of wearing a social distancer shirt, and social loafer is the term used to describe such shirts.

While there are many different types of distancing, there is no consensus about the best one for different types.

Social distancers are often more comfortable with a shirt that blends the style of a social networking site and a t-shirt that shows a general lack of social interaction.

Social loafer shirts can be tailored to fit a social network.

Both styles are great for casual occasions but can be too much for groups.

This article discusses what type of distancer is right for you.

Read moreSocial distancing shirts are designed for social networking and can be worn with or without a tshirt.

These shirts can have an asymmetrical design to give people a more traditional look.

Social loafers can be casual or formal.

Social looners often are more comfortable when worn with a tshirts.

You can find social distancers and loafer types for men, women, teens and older.

There are different types that vary in size.

In order to find the perfect distancing for you, you need to take a look at the type of shirt you are looking for.

Social distancers for men can be a little more formal and fitted.

You want a shirt with a narrow neckline and a longer collar.

The sleeves are longer than a normal shirt, which gives you a more tailored look.

You should choose a shirt in a size small.

These styles can also be a bit too large for groups, so choose a size medium.

A shirt that is too large may not fit well in groups, as it could cause you to look like a total creep.

Social loafer style shirts can also come in a few different types, and can also fit into different social networks.

These types of shirts are much more casual, but still fit well for social gatherings.

These are perfect for casual gatherings.

Social Looners are also popular for social events, and the shirt can also accommodate different social groups.

These shirt styles can be the perfect size for groups or for the most part, casual gatherings like picnics, weddings and parties.

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