A war with an ally?

Well, not exactly.

The US has a history of military intervention in countries like Iran and Iraq, and the latest escalation could set a precedent that other countries could emulate.

But Iran’s recent behavior raises questions about what US interests could be served by continuing to arm and train its ally in Syria.

While the US has repeatedly said that it will not engage in direct combat against Iran, the US could be tempted to do so by its own strategic interest in the region.

Iran is a key US ally in the fight against ISIS, a proxy group which is considered an existential threat to the US.

Iran’s recent actions are part of a larger trend.

As US-Iran relations have deteriorated, Iran’s military has ramped up its activities in Syria and Iraq.

In recent months, the military has seized and bombed Iraqi cities, destroyed Iraqi military bases, and conducted numerous air raids against Iraqi government forces.

Iran also has deployed a force of several hundred thousand to Syria.

In the past few months, Iran has also been involved in air raids on Kurdish forces in northern Syria.

These operations, which are being conducted by Iran’s Quds Force, have been particularly dangerous for the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), an armed Kurdish militia that is also known as the People’s Defense Units (YPJ), which are the Syrian branch of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

The Quds force has repeatedly crossed the Iraqi-Syrian border, but this past week it attacked the Kurdish-held city of Kobani, which has been under siege by the YPG since August 2016.

This attack is the first time in over two years that the Quds forces have targeted Kobani.

While there are no official statistics on the number of casualties or civilian casualties due to the Qud force’s actions in Kobani or other places in Syria, a large number of Kurdish fighters have been killed or wounded since the Qars forces launched the offensive.

As a result, the YPG has been forced to abandon the Kobani area, and many of its fighters have fled to the Turkish border, fearing for their lives.

While fighting between the YPG and the Qursas is not new, the latest developments have raised concerns about how the Qurds will be able to continue to fight in Syria without being attacked.

The Quds-led Quds Forces have been involved for some time in the battle for the city of Manbij in Syria’s north.

This was a strategically important city which was also held by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of Kurdish forces.

The US, which is now providing weapons to the SDF, has maintained a direct military presence in Manbir, which lies on the Euphrates River.

This has been the SDSF’s primary goal in Manbo, and US officials have openly accused the YPG of violating the ceasefire.

After the SDP’s capture of Manbo in March 2016, the SAA, a coalition of Arab militias, was able to seize the city.

However, in early June, the coalition was unable to hold Manbo because the YPG captured the city from the SDC, who had been battling for the past two years.

The SDF recaptured Manbo from the YPG in early August, and now the YPG is trying to regain control of the city in order to retake Manbico, a strategic position which is also held today by the SDA, an alliance between the Kurdish YPG and SDF.

This is a huge strategic advantage for the YPG, because the SADC is a powerful military force that has a large presence in northern Aleppo.

While Manbo is not a strategic area for the Sader, the loss of the Sadi is an important blow for the US, since it means that the SDD is no longer in control of Manabij, which could potentially lead to an escalation of the war.

The YPG has also recently been involved with the recapture of the Syrian city of Aleppo, which was captured by the Syrian Democratic Front (SAA) and its allies from the Assad regime in 2014.

Since the SFA is an alliance made up of Arab groups, it is important for the Syrian Arab Army (SAAF) to hold this strategic area.

This would allow the SAAF to move against the YPG at a later stage.

The SAA has been involved to some extent in the capture of several areas in the northwest of Syria, and this is also part of the US strategic interest.

This could lead to the formation of a joint operation between the SMAF and the SDRF, an organization formed in 2014, which would allow for a direct US-SAA-SDF military operation.

This scenario would likely involve the SAF, YPG, and SDAF all cooperating together to fight the SDG, which currently controls the entire city of Raqqa.

The Qurs as the most important player in the Syrian civil war has been accused of committing atrocities, including

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