In this installment of “How to be Social Animals” we explore the four steps to becoming a social animal and offer some tips on how to build a social life that makes you feel at home. 

The socializing tip 1. 

Show up. 

Your neighbors are your neighbors. 

It is the most natural thing in the world to show up for your neighbors, and it is an essential part of being social. 

When your family goes out for dinner, your family comes in to see who you are and make sure you are still there. 

As a result, you will be more likely to hang out with the people you want to be around and see if they want to spend time with you. 


Be friendly. 

If you’re a good social animal, you’ll be more social than if you are not. 

You’re more likely and more likely than not to come up to people and have a good conversation. 


Take care of yourself. 

Many of us are drawn to socializing. 

We crave it, we are addicted to it, and we crave a safe environment where we can just be ourselves. 

That means we’re likely to be in a social environment that is not conducive to our health. 


Keep it positive. 

A positive social environment is the one where we feel at ease and that our minds are not on our bodies. 

For example, we might want to share a joke, and if we have to share it with someone else we’ll often smile and laugh at them. 


Don’t worry about how others are feeling. 

This is something that has to be reinforced. 

Just because you may feel sad or upset about someone else doesn’t mean you should. 

Instead, take a moment to be mindful and remember that everyone is different. 


Stop thinking of yourself as a “friend.” 

We all have people who we know we can count on and a friend that we are comfortable with. 

However, the biggest social mistake people make is thinking of themselves as a friend. 


Focus on the things you like. 

I remember going to an event where the person sitting next to me was the one that I would like to have a beer with.

And I would say, “Hey, do you like food?” and she would nod and smile. 

She was so friendly and just having a good time, it was very clear to me that she loved me. 8. 

Do you have an affinity for something? 

A lot of times we think that because we’re social animals, we can’t do things that we would normally do in a normal social environment. 

But what if you were to have an appointment at a restaurant, have a coffee with your friends, have dinner with your family, or just sit down with a group of people? 

Do these things excite you? 

The more people you meet, the more social interactions you have with others, the better off you will feel. 


Always ask for permission. 

Some of the best social interactions we have can be initiated by people asking for permission, and asking for someone’s permission is a social skill. 


Practice empathy. 

Empathy is about being willing to learn, and learning to understand and respond to others. 

One of the ways that empathy helps is when we have a problem that needs to be solved. 

In some situations, people will have an issue with something that is happening in the moment, and they may want to get involved with someone who is willing to do something to solve it. 11. 

Make a list. 

Every time you sit down to socialize, keep a list of things you would like others to know about you, and make it a point to ask others questions about what you are wearing, what you eat, what time of day you get up, what music you listen to, what movie you see, what books you read, what food you eat and when you eat. 


Ask for permission to share something. 

Whenever someone has a problem with something you are doing, it is always okay to ask for their permission.

And once someone has given you permission to do it, you should do it because it is the right thing to do. 13. 

Try to be a good listener. 

Everyone is different, and some people like to be the center of attention. 

Being a good neighbor is about making sure that you are being respectful and understanding to others and that you have good manners. 


Give your body time. 

Whether you are working out, or eating healthy, it’s important to take your time.

You should be careful not to rush things, but you should also not rush your meals or do anything that might be a distraction. 15.

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