The GOP is struggling to get to grips with the fact that a candidate with a record of anti-establishment politics can win the presidency.

So, the party is trying to find ways to help people like Donald Trump stay in the White House.

On Friday, the GOP released its new “Consolidated Values Platform” — a list of issues that, in many cases, overlap with the platforms of other presidential campaigns.

The platform, which was drafted in consultation with various state parties, also included a proposal for a “Consulting Council” to advise the RNC on issues like health care, tax policy and infrastructure.

The council will be led by RNC Chair Reince Priebus, who is a friend of Trump.

The idea is that the RNC could work with state parties on issues that may come up during the 2020 presidential election.

But the Republican Party will not be able to work directly with the candidates or their surrogates on these issues.

The RNC can help states coordinate their plans for those issues and help state parties develop policy proposals to support them.

“It’s a little bit of a political nightmare,” said John Weaver, a former adviser to the 2016 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and an adviser to former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

“If we’re going to have the kind of coordination that the Republican party is looking for, then we should be able, I think, to do it.”

But for Trump, who has called himself “the most popular candidate in the country” in a poll released last month, the prospect of working with state GOP officials on issues such as health care is an invitation to be “the party of the establishment.”

“I think that [the RNC] should be very much focused on helping people like the president to get elected, and then working with the state parties and their governors and mayors, not just the state party,” Trump said last week.

In the past, the RNC has worked with state party leaders to set up infrastructure projects, and it has worked to promote Trump’s agenda.

In 2018, the Republican National Committee helped raise more than $1.3 million for Trump’s reelection campaign.

Trump also said during his campaign that he would be willing to “work with” state parties to advance his agenda.

But many state parties have already begun working with Trump’s White House team to coordinate policies on health care and other issues.

That’s a problem for Priebus, because the RNC’s platform contains a proposal to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, the centerpiece of the GOP platform.

The Trump administration has proposed eliminating the law as part of the budget plan.

The platform also includes a proposal that would allow states to opt out of Medicaid expansion, a program that has been expanded under Obamacare.

States have long been pushing to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Health Care Act and the Trump administration is likely to oppose that expansion.

But the GOP’s platform also states that “States should have the right to choose whether or not to expand their Medicaid programs in their state, without a federal waiver.”

That’s not a new position for the party, which has been pushing the idea of expanding Medicaid under Obamacare for years.

But Trump’s team has indicated that he doesn’t see Medicaid expansion as a problem, arguing that the expansion has been a success and that states can choose to continue to expand.

The GOP platform also calls for an expansion of “free community college,” a concept that many Republican states have embraced, with the goal of making college more affordable and accessible for students.

But Trump’s campaign also has called for an overhaul of the way colleges are funded, calling for the elimination of federal student aid programs.

The RNC is also working on a plan to promote the president’s agenda by helping states coordinate policy on the environment and other key issues.

But many states are already grappling with the economic fallout of the opioid crisis.

And Trump’s platform doesn’t mention the opioid epidemic in any detail, instead emphasizing his focus on rebuilding the military and jobs.

“The president has made it clear that we’re all in this together,” said Josh Holmes, a senior adviser to Trump and a former aide to former GOP presidential nominee Mike Huckabee, during an interview with the Associated Press last month.

“So it’s not as if we have any particular agenda that the president would like to talk about.

He would rather have states work with him to create that agenda.

It’s a policy thing, it’s a campaign thing, and so it’s all a matter of making sure we have the best strategy.”

But the plan does include a call to support the Republican nominee on other issues, including immigration.

The GOP platform calls for “amending the American Immigration and Nationality Act” to include a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, a proposal endorsed by former GOP National Committee Chair Reigford and President-elect Mike Pence.

The Republican platform also supports “amend[ing] the Citizenship Act of 1965 to extend the residency of undocumented immigrants and other aliens lawfully admitted to the United States to five years.”

The proposal was

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