The National Football League has become the latest sport to have social media users create memes and share them on the social network.

Many players, such as New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman, have been using the social media platform to show off their personalities.

But not all players are using it to their advantage.

Here’s a look at some of the best and worst examples of how some of these players have been able to capitalize on social media to make a living.

Eli Manning: The Giants quarterback has a habit of sharing pictures and videos of himself, but his latest viral post shows off a much more refined and professional approach.

Manning wrote on Instagram, “The best part of my day is watching the people around me laugh.

I am lucky to have people like that.”

He also included the caption, “I have never been happier to have a team to watch me play, even if it’s the Patriots.

You all can take the next step and watch me.”

On Sunday, he posted an image of his wife, Camryn, and daughter, Lily, holding hands, and captioned it, “We are happy for all the good times.”

The Giants are currently in the AFC wild-card race.

On Monday, he tweeted, “Going through my Instagram feed this morning.

This is how I keep it simple.

I’m a husband and a father, and I enjoy being with my family.”

This is a good example of a quarterback showing off his professional social media presence and putting himself in a position to win games.

Eli’s wife, a former NFL cheerleader, is also a social media addict.

On Sunday afternoon, Eli posted a photo of his son Eli Jr., and caption, “#Happy Birthday Eli.”

Eli Jr. tweeted out his father’s birthday and said, “Happy Birthday, Eli.

Happy Birthday.”

This was one of the better examples of Eli showing off that his social media savvy and dedication to the game of football have paid off.

Camryn Manning: A popular actress, comedian, and TV personality, Camry is a frequent guest on Twitter and Instagram.

This year, she started posting funny and silly images from her life.

For instance, CamRY posted a picture of herself dressed up as an elf in a snowstorm.

The caption read, “Snowflake.

Happy birthday.

My favorite part of the day is the moment you walk into my apartment.

It feels like you are walking into a house.

I can’t wait to make it your birthday, Cam.”

Camry has been a frequent participant in social media discussions, often posting memes or joking about her own life.

In one recent photo, Camrys daughter, Zoey, and her husband, Joe, pose in front of their home in Brooklyn, New York.

“I love that you can see how excited I am to be home for my birthday,” Camry wrote in one Instagram comment.

Camry was also a frequent contributor to the social networking platform.

She shared this picture on the occasion of her father’s birthdays on Sunday: “Happy birthday, dad.

Happy birthdays!

I’m so excited to be here and share this moment with you, with all of you.”

Eli Manning also shared a picture from his wedding day in October, saying, “Thank you for everything.

It was a blast.

We’re in such good shape.

Thanks for all of your support.

You guys are the best.

Happy dad’s day, Eli.”

In another Instagram post, Camries father, Eli, said, “[I’m] going to be a father and grandfather for a while.

But I’m not going to stop.

I will keep doing what I’m doing.

You are the most amazing people.”

In an Instagram post on Sunday, Camney posted a selfie of her and her children.

The picture was captioned with, “Hi, Eli and Camry.

I just wanted to say hi.

We had a blast this weekend.


In one photo, the actress said, “#happy birthday, Eli #dadday #granddad.”

Camryn was not alone in sharing a positive social media image from her birthdays.

In another, Eli tweeted a photo from the birth of his second daughter, Emma, who was born on Saturday.

The tweet read, “#birthday Emma.

Happy to see you again.

You look so cute!


Camney was also one of many celebs to tweet positive photos from her father.

In October, she tweeted a picture with her son, Eli Jr, and a caption, “@alvin and his family @fbi #happy birthdays, Eli!

You look amazing #happyday #family.”

This tweet was followed by a photo showing off the baby’s head, and an accompanying caption, #happy birthday Eli.

Camney and her family have also been a major presence on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

“Camryn has made

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