Facebook has introduced a new feature that makes it easier for people to earn money by posting a link to their own pages.

The feature, dubbed the “Facebook Affiliate” and available on all pages that have a shared link, will automatically generate a $10 affiliate commission on each click.

The new feature is a big step forward for Facebook, which has struggled with attracting advertisers on its pages for years.

The social media giant announced last week that it had rolled out the new feature, which is meant to help people earn money when they post a link.

The company has also rolled out a new “Affiliate” tool, which allows users to track how much money they have earned by sharing links to their pages on Facebook.

Facebook said the new tool, now in the latest version of its “Social Guidelines” app, was introduced to make it easier to understand how to share links to pages, and to ensure it worked for everyone.

“In the new Facebook Affiliate feature, we’ve added an extra button for tracking affiliate commissions, to let you know how much you have earned and where you have been earning it, so you can better understand what you’re earning and how you can increase your revenue,” the company said in a blog post.

“We’ve also improved the way you earn and share links in the new “Share” and “Edit” buttons on the ‘Share’ and ‘Edit’ sections of the site.”

A number of major social media companies have struggled to make money on their pages, especially after Facebook took down the original Facebook page.

Facebook has been criticised by users who say the changes are a waste of time and money.

Facebook’s new Affiliate tool allows users tracking affiliate fees to see how much people are earning and where they are earning it.

It is expected to be rolled out to all pages on the social network.

“This new affiliate feature has a lot of new features that will make it a lot easier to see what people are generating and earning for their pages and how they are contributing to your business,” Facebook said in its blog post on Wednesday.

“It will also help you understand how much more you can earn and increase your Facebook affiliate commissions by sharing the link on Facebook.”

In a follow-up post, the company revealed that its Affiliate Program now allows people to see the exact amount of money they earned from their links and where it was spent.

“The new Facebook affiliate tool will be available on the Social Guidelines app in the coming weeks, so we encourage you to sign up for the app to get a head start on the program,” it said.

“It is very simple to set up, and once you do, you will be able to track your affiliate commission and earn more money from Facebook.”


Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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