A social studies lesson at a community center in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod.

A few years ago, a student at a Russian state-run elementary school was sent home because he wore a shirt that bore the words “socialist.”

The students of the school also have a “social identity” — that is, their political beliefs are similar to the values of the Russian government.

And there is no shortage of such symbols.

“We can see them all over Russia,” said Elena Dvorkovich, a sociology professor at St. Petersburg State University.

“The shirt is the only one that seems to be different.”

Dvorkshovich is also a social studies teacher at the local school, where a class recently decided to use the word “socialism” instead of “social democracy” because, she said, it seemed to be more fitting.

Dvorkhovich said students are often uncomfortable with political labels, but there are many reasons why students might not know what a social identity is.

For one thing, there is the fear that their identity could be used against them in some way, and there are also some societal norms that they may not want to break.

Students often ask, “Why should I care about what other people think of me?”

Dvockshovich explained.

“It’s hard for people to imagine that their thoughts and feelings are not just a reflection of their social identity.

And this is a big problem.”

Dwight H. Johnson, a professor of sociology at the University of Michigan, said that the issue of the meaning of social identities is complicated by the “civic duty” that social science teachers have to teach students.

Johnson, who teaches a course on political identity and social justice, said there is a sense of entitlement among some students to feel that their political identity is more important than their own.

“[Students] want to feel as if they are the ‘other’ to everyone else,” Johnson said.

The issue of identity can also be a source of tension in a country that has long had a history of discrimination against people who were not considered part of the country’s dominant culture.

Social studies lessons are a popular activity in many Russian communities, but Dvanshovich also noted that many of them focus on topics that students have already learned, like patriotism, nationalism and socialism.

Many of these lessons are also taught in the schools, she noted.

This past summer, for example, the students of a local secondary school in the city of Vladivostok went to the local government office to ask for a “free” school bus.

They were told that the buses had been handed out to all schoolchildren.

But the bus was not being used.

They were asked to fill out a questionnaire, and students were asked how they felt about socialism.

Dvinkshovich’s class also decided to make a political-identity sign for one of its students to show how she felt about it.

That student, Dvorshovich pointed out, was not even in the class when the students went to ask her to sign it.

“But she did,” she said.

“She didn’t sign it, but she was part of it.

She was in the group that created it.”

At home, Dvshovich told NPR, students often ask about the meaning and meaning of the word socialism.

“They want to understand how it has different meanings in different countries,” she explained.

There are also other social studies lessons that are less formal.

For example, in a school in Rostov-on-Don, where students in the school’s history department recently made a symbol of a giant hammer, the school made a giant poster that said “socialists in the USSR.”

The posters were meant to be seen by adults in the building, but not by the students.

But they have since been removed.

While most students are not familiar with social studies as an academic subject, the word has been a prominent symbol of Russia’s political movement for years.

A poster at a public school in St. Catherine, Russia.

In May 2015, more than 100 students at a school near the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk gathered for a protest to show their support for the Russian-born leader Vladimir Putin, who was elected president of Russia in a vote that was watched around the world.

The students, many of whom are students at state-funded schools, called on the government to allow Putin to remain in office, because he is a patriot and a “friend of the people.”

The protests sparked a wave of anti-government demonstrations across the country.

But even the protesters, and their leaders, have faced opposition.

On the day of the protests, a video was widely circulated on social media of the leader of the opposition, Alexei Navalny, wearing a black T-shirt with a white star in

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