Twitter has reacted to the report by a former employee that claims that it has a “zero tolerance” policy towards abuse of the social media platform.

Twitter said it is “aware” of the report and it will review the situation.

“We’re aware of the concerns raised in a report from a former Twitter employee that surfaced this morning,” Twitter said in a statement.

“The allegations are false and we take them very seriously.

We are reviewing the situation and are taking appropriate action.”

“We are aware of concerns raised by a Twitter employee in a news story published today,” Twitter added.

“This is false and untrue.

We take it very seriously.”

The article, which was published on Monday, claims that Twitter is a “silent victim” in abuse of it’s services.

“It’s a shame that this type of abuse is happening to so many people on Twitter,” the former employee, named only as J, wrote in the report.

“What the news media and others don’t seem to understand is that we’re all connected, we’re part of the same ecosystem and there’s a zero tolerance policy on this.”

The report claims that the company is facing a crisis in its ability to combat abuse of social media.

“When it comes to online harassment, Twitter has never been more under-resourced, under-staffed, or understaffed,” the report states.

“Twitter’s current leadership has been able to deflect attention from their own problems and ignore their own responsibilities.

It also claims that there are a number of problems with the way the company deals with harassment. “

Their voices are being ignored, their contributions to the platform are being under-valued, and they are being denied the ability to make the changes that they need to make.”

It also claims that there are a number of problems with the way the company deals with harassment.

“On Twitter, harassment is a priority,” the article states.

“[Twitter] has been working hard to ensure that we have a zero-tolerance policy on harassment and abuse, and to provide more support to our employees who are victims of harassment.

But as this new report shows, the way we do that is not working.”

The executive in charge of Twitter is Jack Dorsey, who took over the company in February, having previously been at PayPal.

The executive also had previously led Facebook, Google and Apple.

The new report is the latest in a series of controversies surrounding Twitter.

Last week, it was revealed that its chief executive, Jack Dorseys, had been suspended for violating company policies on harassment.

Twitter was also recently accused of failing to respond to complaints of child abuse.

“You can’t expect a company to keep quiet when it comes time to make mistakes, but it is something Twitter needs to address,” Twitter CEO Jack Dorso said.

“As we have seen over the past few years, the worst of online abuse is a result of poor communication and the lack of tools to stop it.”

The company also admitted that the number of harassment reports it receives is much higher than it was at any point during the past three years.

Twitter has also been under fire for its lack of transparency in terms of how it is handling allegations of harassment, with one former employee claiming that the site had “lost its ability and the will to hold people accountable”.

Twitter has defended its policy on the issue and promised to review it in the future.

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