article When I first started playing soccer, my father, an avid soccer player, had me run around the field.

I could barely run on the grass and the fields were rough.

I played soccer for three seasons, but when I was 10 years old I was playing in a league in the United States called the National Soccer League.

I was just starting to realize the advantages of playing soccer.

I didn’t know the rules or anything like that.

So the first year, I was really struggling to play soccer, because I was a little kid.

I wasn’t even playing soccer to learn how to play the game.

I just wanted to be an athlete, and I was trying to learn all that.

My coach, my team coach, the coach of the youth team, I think I was in the top 15 percent of the players.

We played against the best in the league.

I think that was the first time that I started to really think about playing soccer professionally.

I had a very, very good experience playing soccer and the next thing I know, I’m like, Oh my god, I want to try this!

So I went to the local college, where I had to study economics.

I did some research and realized that I was very interested in how to get rich and how to create wealth, and the first thing that I did was get into the finance industry.

After I finished college, I started a small bank and did all my own research.

So, I went into a big investment firm and was doing some of the best investments I could.

I started doing a lot of investing and getting really into that, and my portfolio really grew tremendously.

It was very interesting to see the kind of companies that I could invest in.

I really liked that because I could see how the company was going to do things and make money.

So I started investing in companies and doing everything I could to help them grow and grow.

My portfolio grew tremendously, and then I realized that one of the things that really helped me in investing in a company was to invest in their culture.

And I started seeing it all around the country and around the world.

And the reason why is because of the culture that these companies have and their values.

So that helped me a lot in my investing and I think it’s a really good thing.

I can see how companies are succeeding and how companies have the ability to grow.

And when companies are successful, they have a really great culture and they have great ideas and great people, and that helps me invest in the companies.

So for me, investing in these companies was one of my main motivations.

So what I mean is, I just like seeing what these companies are doing, and how they’re doing it.

And they have really good people and really good ideas and a great culture.

So it was a really big part of my investing.

So now that I’m a parent and I’m involved in a different career, I really feel like I’ve been able to understand a lot more about the business side of investing.

I’ve learned more about what it is to invest, and it really makes me appreciate investing in things and having more confidence.

And my son, he has just gotten a job, and we’ve been very fortunate that our son, who is 6 years old, got a job with a company called Nike.

He is the youngest person in the company and the youngest employee in the world, and he’s just starting out in this business.

And so, he’s very excited about it.

He’s really excited about working with me and his dad.

And we are also excited that he’s learning to be a professional soccer player.

So we’re really excited to see what his future holds.

And that’s a lot for a 6-year-old.

I mean, we’ve always known that our kid is going to be successful in life, and our son has been successful in this whole business.

So to have him go into the NFL and get a job and to work with people who have success in sports, that’s huge for us.

So our goal is to have our kids become successful in sports as well, and for him to have a successful career as well.

So his goal is going be to go to the NFL, be a Super Bowl winner, and to become a billionaire.

So my goal is for him and my family to be able to retire at a healthy age, and live a life where they can retire at 65, where they are going to have enough money that they don’t have to worry about any more things, which is important to me because I want my kids to be well off when they’re older.

So they’re going to go out and do their jobs, and if we have a family that is financially secure enough, then they can afford to go and live and do things that they enjoy.

That’s our ultimate goal.

That was our ultimate dream. So yeah

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