By Katherine M. Sorenson and Jennifer L. JohnsonThe most effective way to build a social justice community is by sharing the same values, and the most effective ways to do that are through shared stories and shared experiences.

This article offers a new approach that is rooted in social science and focuses on three dimensions of social justice, including empathy, community building, and social justice education.

It’s about building community through stories, experiences, and shared values, not through rigidly defined social rules or policies.

In short, the goal is to get people to connect with others and feel empathy, and to create a shared, shared sense of community, regardless of their personal identity or political affiliation.

In addition to building a shared sense that is grounded in empathy, a shared narrative and shared experience, social justice can also foster the building of shared trust.

As social justice educators, we are trained to help people build trust, especially when it comes to shared stories, through shared experiences and shared knowledge.

But we often have to make sure that those stories, stories, and experiences are not just stories or experiences.

We need to build community, and trust, through stories.

We have to create stories that are powerful, inspiring, and meaningful.

The story has to be powerful, and it has to have strong emotional, physical, and cultural connections.

For example, the story of the Black community in the 1970s has to resonate with us, because we’ve been living through a period of intense, systemic racism and discrimination for the last 50 years.

So stories have to be telling us things that make us feel powerful.

Stories have to offer real opportunities and real solutions to problems.

But they have to have real consequences.

For instance, the Black Lives Matter movement has made a real difference for the lives of Black people in the United States, as well as around the world.

The Black Lives Matters movement has been very influential in shaping public policy and creating a better understanding of the issues that affect Black people, and especially Black women.

And it has made important connections with people and communities around the globe, including with women leaders and activists.

So, for example, Black Lives movement activists, including Black women and women of color, and activists of color have been active in organizing for the passage of the landmark Voting Rights Act in 1965.

And the movement for Black civil rights has been significant in shaping and building the civil rights movement that has been around for the past 30 years.

We can also build a shared story through empathy, through sharing stories, that are real and real enough that they resonate with people.

The idea of empathy is to be in awe of other human beings and to feel compassion for them, but it’s about being able to recognize the realness of people’s lives.

Empathy and compassion are two sides of the same coin.

Emotionally, empathy is about how we can relate to other people.

It is about us feeling a personal connection to another human being, and how that relates to our own.

Empathically, compassion is about the ways we can be there for another person.

We can feel a personal closeness to someone or to a group of people, because that person or group has been hurt or has experienced something, and we want to help them.

We want to support them in whatever way we can.

And empathy is a form of empathy, because it involves a sense of what other people are feeling.

When we feel empathy and compassion, we understand what other humans are feeling, and that allows us to see what is going on in people’s minds.

And when we see other people’s thoughts and feelings and feelings of other people, we see that they are also thinking and feeling about the same things we are.

So it’s a kind of “eye-for-an-eye” kind of empathy.

The kind of thing that makes us feel empathy.

And we also have to understand that we have to help other people build their sense of well-being.

And that means being a good role model for them.

A role model is someone who gives you the confidence that they have what it takes to be a successful person.

And this is why we need to be honest about the issues we are dealing with, because sometimes it can feel like we are being selfish, and people need a role model who’s not trying to take advantage of them.

They need a person who understands that they will not get what they want if they are not willing to make sacrifices.

They also need a partner who’s willing to give up a lot of what he or she has.

They are not trying take advantage, they are willing to take responsibility.

And they have a strong sense of compassion for the people they are working with.

So they are compassionate and caring.

And then, finally, they have the capacity to see the bigger picture and to see that we are not alone in our struggles and that we can overcome our challenges.

People need to see and understand

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