When you have a car, you can take selfies, record videos and even record video chats.

But when you are driving, you want to record videos from a car’s dashboard.

Here are some apps to help you with that.

Facebook and Instagram are the two big players in this area.

They are the main social media platforms for cars.

So, why not use both?

Instagram allows you to record the images from your car, while Facebook lets you record the video chats from your dashboard.

And they both let you upload your images to Facebook for friends to share.

So you can do both in your car.

But which is better?

Here are the pros and cons of each app.


Instagram Instagram lets you take pictures of the dashboard with a smartphone camera.

You can upload them to your car’s social media account.

So, you do not need to buy a separate camera for each car.

This is a huge advantage.

If you are a photographer, you will find this option really handy.

If you are an engineer or designer, you could easily switch to the camera app of your choice.


Facebook Insta lets you share videos with your friends.

It allows you take selfies.

You can also record videos using it, if you want.

For a lot of people, Facebook is a lifesaver when it comes to sharing photos with their friends.

But for some, they may prefer Instagram.


GoPro Installing a GoPro camera in a car can save a lot time and hassle.

So if you need to take a photo, it will save you time.

GoPro allows you capture images from any angle.

So the camera is handy if you are shooting videos from your front seat, but not from the back.


Vimeo Vimeo lets you post video and images to YouTube.


Snap Snap is a social media app that lets you upload images.

You need to purchase a subscription.


Snapchat Snap lets you view your video and photo chats on Snapchat.


Facebook Live Facebook Live lets you watch a live stream of any video or audio.

This can be useful for your parents, or your friend who is watching your show.


Vine Vine lets you use your phone to record and upload your videos to Facebook.


Twitter It is a simple way to get photos of your friends with the click of a button.

This is useful if you have just one camera to capture your pictures.

But, if your phone is big, this can be time-consuming.

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