Share this article Share Facebook was forced to turn off thousands of social media users after it was found to have a “hacking attack” on its servers.

Facebook was forced by US law enforcement agencies to close its website for a day after the revelation that it had been hacked by Russia-linked actors.

“This is a significant and worrying development, as it is the first time we’ve seen a major social media platform be compromised,” Facebook said in a statement.

“As a result, we’ve had to shut down all of our users across the entire social network, as well as suspend some features for some users.”

While it has not been possible to verify the claim that the social network was targeted by Russian hackers, the revelation could give credence to some critics who say that Russia-backed hackers were behind the hack.

“It’s a scary thought that we have to shut off thousands and thousands of our fans, and then to be forced to shut it all down again,” one user said.

“They [Facebook] are trying to hide behind this one attack, but the real truth is that they have been hacking the social networks and using that information to blackmail governments and individuals.”‘

They have to get it right’For users, the move comes as they struggle to stay online and remain connected to the social media network after its “hacked” status was raised to “restricted” by the US Department of Justice.

The social media company said that it will take “appropriate action” against any users who are found to be responsible for breaching its security.

“As a general rule, we do not comment on individual investigations or allegations, and we have no way to verify this allegation,” a Facebook spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

“We will continue to cooperate with the investigation as it proceeds.”

However, some users, who have been posting to social media platforms in a bid to share updates on the social networking site’s status, expressed scepticism.

“I can’t see why they can’t just take the data, and just put it in the cloud and give it to the US government,” one wrote.

“But they can do that and keep their heads down, or they can get it wrong and go and do it anyway,” another said.

“Why aren’t they just shutting down their entire network?

They have to do it right.”

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