How to calculate the best distance between two people?

I asked a number of people to come up with their own ideas and come up the best way to use a smartphone to calculate distances.

Here’s how.

The first thing you need to know is that we are not comparing players in terms of physical skills.

We are comparing players who can use their phones to communicate and share their thoughts.

The number of steps that a player has to take in order to communicate is an important indicator of how fast they can read people.

The bigger the step, the faster they can respond.

So when we say the best players in social distance, we are talking about players who use their phone to communicate, not the fastest players.

What we have seen is that players who are fast enough to communicate have the best social distanced players, but that speed is not what makes them great at the sport.

That is not the only thing.

It is the ability to use your phone to read people, and the ability in social distances to make those conversations easier.

I also think that distance between people matters.

Players who are good at social distance are better at their own game.

I think there are two reasons for this.

One is that they are better players than those who are not good at it.

The other is that the difference between the best and worst players is that when a player is not able to use his phone, they are not as good at their game as if they were.

It is a lot easier for someone to communicate with a player who is not good in the way that a good player can communicate with someone.

They are not having to look at what they are saying, or look at other people to find out what they want to say.

That makes it easier to read what they have to say, because they are in a good position to find the right words to say when they are looking.

There are other aspects of social distance as well.

When players who have been in the NHL for a long time have a chance to be in the same room as their teammates, it allows them to work on their communication skills.

It allows them a lot of space to practice their skills.

And it allows you to watch those players in action.

When a player takes a long distance step, they need to move as fast as possible to get where they are going.

The more distance that they have between them and their teammates when they take the long distance, the more time they are spending looking at what other people are saying.

And then you get the final component of distance.

When you have a good amount of distance between players, they have the same amount of time that they spend looking at the opposing team.

I mean, when a team is playing in a neutral arena and you have 10 players, the average time between them is about six seconds.

If you have that much distance, they spend so much time looking at each other that they get bored and move on to the next guy.

It seems like there is a simple formula that says that if you have good distance between your teammates, you are going to be a better player.

And yet, the numbers don’t always back that up.

The numbers tell us that players with good distance in social Distances are better than those with bad distance.

I don’t know if that is the right way to look, but I do know that when I looked at the data, I found that the best player in the world, Sidney Crosby, played his whole career with a long-distance distance.

That’s not a good number, but it is a good start.

The best player of all time, Mario Lemieux, has a long social distance of about six feet.

You might think that would be bad, but he had great success in those situations.

When I looked more closely at his numbers, I noticed that in games he played with a good distance, he was very good at reading other players, and he made the right decision on the play.

I would expect that to be true for the average player.

But what about the bad players?

Well, that’s a different story.

The numbers tell me that if the distance between a player and the opposing goalie is too long, the goalie is going to have a difficult time scoring.

In fact, if the goalie has too much distance between him and the other team, the opposing player is going be able to read his position better than he could have if he was closer to the goal.

It seems like a bad situation for the goaltender.

So what should a player do if the other player is taking too much of a long walk?

It seems to me that the answer is not to be the fastest player on the ice.

It could be that the player who has the most distance should take a long, slow walk in the other direction to get his point.

I am not saying that every player has the same number of physical limitations that a goalie has, but every player should have the ability and the inclination to be able make

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