How to prevent social media trolls and social influence? 

It’s a question many people ask.

Trolls and social influencers are a big part of the problem, and in a time when we’re all so focused on our phones, we need to be more proactive about social media. 

If you’ve ever wondered how social media influencers can manipulate your content, you’re not alone.

In fact, the social influencer and tech blogger Nick Szabo is one of the best-known experts on the subject, and he’s written a great article for Polygon on how to avoid the trolls. 

But how can we avoid trolls and influence when we can’t control them? 

In Szabo’s article, he says that social influents are able to influence people in ways that we’re not aware of. 

They can change the way we view things, and their influence can be so strong that it’s hard to avoid.

Here are seven steps you can take to prevent trolls and manipulate people in your community.1.

Take action to prevent trolling.

Szabo says that, while it’s easy to take the first step to stop trolls, you have to take action to stop the influencers.2.

Know what your influencers like to see.

Szabella explains, “When a user sees a piece of content, they’re more likely to click on it and follow.

They might be more inclined to engage in conversation or comment on the post, or they might not. 

That means that the content has the potential to get shared. 

So if you have a strong presence on social media platforms, you can tell people you want them to interact with you.”3.

Understand the influencer.

The more we know about a social influent, the better we can control their actions. 

When Szabo was looking into influencers, he learned that a lot of influencers liked to see their content shared and liked to follow the content.4.

Use a tool like the social media platform Tweetsbot to track your followers.

This tool helps you know what your audience likes to see, and what they might be most interested in. 

Szabo recommends using the platform Tweepsbot to keep an eye on your audience, and to see how your influencer interacts with your followers, so you can avoid creating duplicate accounts or other duplicate content. 


Use tools like Facebook or Instagram to help you track the people you follow.

Social media is a tool, and Szabo recommends Facebook and Instagram as the best tools to help track your social followers.6.

Don’t allow your influent to create fake accounts.

Szabos advises that, instead of creating a fake account, it’s best to be very careful about who your followers are. 

“When a social media account is created, it can be shared in a way that looks legitimate,” he says.

“You have a fake profile on a platform like Instagram that’s used to make people want to engage with you. 

There’s a lot you can do to make sure that those people aren’t doing things that will give you the impression that you’re an influencer.”7.

Use your followers to create an image that you have influence.

Szabelo says, “One of the things that I do, when I do an influencers profile on Facebook, I ask my followers, ‘What’s your favorite thing about your account?

What’s the most influential thing you’ve done for this community?’

That’s how I find out if people are following my content.”

The way I find that out is by asking people what their favorite things about the influencial are.” 


Be careful with social sharing.

Szablos explains, Facebook is one way to do this, and you can use it to find out who your influenents are and what kind of content they like. 


Learn to take advantage of your influens.

Szabi recommends taking advantage of social sharing to find influencers that are more active and engage with your community, rather than using your followers for spamming. 


Use the tools that your influents already have.

Szabsos suggests using the platforms like Twilio, Instagram, and LinkedIn to find your influencion, and then use those tools to track their followers and use that information to create more content.11.

Take advantage of the new tools of the Internet age.

“We have tools that can help us keep up with influencers and people who follow us.”12. “

The new tools that we have are not just for social media,” he said.

“We have tools that can help us keep up with influencers and people who follow us.”12.

Create a positive impact. 

We’re in a global age, and if you’re a part of a social movement, you may want to use some of these tools to build a positive effect in your world.

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