A look at the history of the Trump family’s business empire

Donald Trump Jr. is a business genius, but a billionaire also has his own unique brand of political ambition.

The elder Trump, who was born into a small town in Texas, had been a Republican for years before running for president.

His father, Fred, ran unsuccessfully for the House of Representatives in 1980 and 1988, and his son, Donald Jr., was elected to Congress in 2000.

But as Trump Jr.’s campaign gained momentum in the late 1990s, he began developing a different political vision for the family business, and he quickly made it known that he wanted to run for president himself.

Trump Jr., who went on to serve in Congress and the U.S. Senate, said at the time he was not interested in running for public office, telling the Washington Post that he didn’t want to be a “bunch of millionaires.”

But he also expressed skepticism about a run.

“I’m going to be doing it because I want to do it, but I don’t think it’s right for me to be spending so much time on it,” Trump Jr., now 35, said in the interview.

“Donald Trump Jr.,” Trump Jr wrote in a statement, “would like to thank the Trump Organization for helping to make his father’s brand what it is today.”

Trump Jr.’d also made clear he did not want to have to run a business.

The elder Trump said in an interview with CNBC in 2014 that Trump Jr’s business ventures were “just business deals” that “were done with people he knew.”

“If I had been doing it on my own, I would have had to make a lot of mistakes, but it was done,” Trump said.

He said he didn�t expect his father to be able to help him, either.

“My father would not have been able to do what he did,” Trump Sr. said.

“I would have to be the guy who was able to make the right deals and he wouldn’t be able, because I would not be able.”

Trump’s business careerTrump Sr., now 72, has built a business empire that includes a vast array of real estate holdings.

But his father has never publicly discussed his finances, and has never revealed how much money he makes each year.

The family’s finances are also complicated by his financial conflicts of interest.

In addition to running Trump LLC, the elder Trump also owns the real estate developer and television personality, the Miss Universe Organization, which he co-founded with his sister, Marla Maples.

Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, also works for the Trump business empire.

But as he prepares to run again, Trump Jr has been careful not to reveal details of his financial holdings.

He said last year that he has a “good faith belief” that he will be able “to make a decision in the coming months about whether to run or not.”

And he did mention in the CNBC interview that he would not run for public offices in 2020.

“It would be wrong for me, my family, and my children to run in 2020 if I was not a Republican,” Trump, Jr., said.

He added that he was “not going to say whether I will run for office in 2020 or not” in the future.

Trump, Jr. did not say in the video that he believed his father was running for a Republican nomination, but the elder Donald did have an opinion on that question.

In his 2008 presidential campaign, Trump said, “I don’t believe it.”

“He’s not running for office,” Trump told NBC News at the then-senate debate in New York City in February 2008.

“He’s running to be president.

I think he’s running for his own, to be our president.”

Trump, Sr. has been critical of his father in recent years, telling CNN that the elder man is “just a businessman” and that he thinks the GOP needs to “change” its name.

“He needs to get his own name out of politics,” Trump says of his brother, adding that he doesn’t think Trump is a Republican because “he doesn’t believe in the party.”

“I think it is time for a change,” he added.

Trump also has called for Republicans to unite behind the candidate who “knows what’s going on,” including former New York Gov.

Mike Bloomberg, who Trump has criticized for not being a Republican enough.

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