This week in politics: Democrats vow to take on Trump as Republicans focus on GOP ‘war on women’

Democratic House leaders will call on President Donald Trump to end the “war on feminism” as Republicans ramp up their attacks on the president’s critics.

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday announced a new proposal that would prohibit federal employees and contractors from using their salaries and benefits for “political or other advocacy.”

The new proposal, which will be introduced by Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY), comes as Trump continues to attack the president on the campaign trail, with the GOP leader accusing the president of waging a “war” on women.

Democrats have called on Trump to drop the idea of banning federal employees from using taxpayer dollars to advocate for women’s rights, arguing that such efforts are inconsistent with the federal government’s constitutional duties to “promote the general welfare.”

“It is time for the President to stop the War on Women,” Pelosi said in a statement Thursday.

“This new law would ensure that the federal workforce and contractors, regardless of political affiliations, will not be permitted to advocate on behalf of the political goals of the White House, their political party, or their political consultants.”

The announcement comes on the heels of Trump’s recent comments about the Republican Party’s efforts to curb the rights of women and minorities.

“The GOP is fighting a war on women, minorities and people of color,” Trump said in March.

“They want to take away your birth control, they want to put you on birth control pills, and if you don’t take that pill, they’re going to put a bullet in your head.

And they’re putting a bullet through your heart.

And you’re going, oh, my goodness, they’ve got a problem.”

Democrats, including Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D, NY) and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D) have said that Trump has been a “victim of his own success” in promoting his agenda.

“It’s hard for me to believe that the President, who has called women ‘dogs’ and a ‘bitch’ on more than one occasion, has not been a victim of his success,” Jeffries said in an op-ed Thursday.

“He has been the beneficiary of the very politics that he is trying to stop.

It’s a shame that he’s not fighting for all Americans.”

In January, Trump signed a $1 trillion health care bill into law that included a provision requiring employers to pay for contraception, but he has also called for a temporary ban on women getting birth control coverage for religious reasons.

Trump’s administration has taken a more combative stance against his critics, with Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, recently telling ABC News that “everybody who has ever tried to do me wrong” will be “held accountable.”

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