Singapore social isolation survey finds 60% of people have a ‘problem’ with social distanced quotes

Singaporean social isolation has reached 60 per cent, according to a survey of more than 1,200 people.

The results, released by the Social Distancing Society (SDS), revealed that 30 per cent of respondents felt they had a problem with social distance and 20 per cent were “very bothered”.

Social Distancing Singapore, a group run by a Singaporean businessman, has been running a series of social isolation workshops to help people manage their social distances for decades.

The results showed that the group’s members, mostly older people, had the highest percentage of people reporting a problem at social distance.

They were also more likely to be social isolationists than other groups, according the survey.

“The survey also revealed that people who felt socially isolated tended to be more conservative and more likely than others to prefer to stay in their homes rather than move,” the SDS said in a statement.

Social distancing has long been used to reduce isolation.

It is used as a means of dealing with social isolation, stress, and loneliness in the workplace.

Its proponents say it helps to improve relationships and social interaction and reduces stress and loneliness.

While the SDPS survey was conducted between May 21 and June 6, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is the subject of a national debate over his handling of the issue.

Mr Lee, who is seeking re-election, has come under fire for not doing enough to protect social distance.

During his visit to Singapore, the prime minister, who has been criticised for not tackling social distancings, met a group of social distancers who met in a hotel ballroom, the Singapore Times reported.

But Mr Lee has refused to meet with the group and has instead met with several Singaporeans who are social distainers.

He said in his speech on Wednesday that he had heard about social distancy and had decided to “rethink” how we tackle social distain.

Singaporeans also criticised Mr Lee’s handling of social distance in a speech on Thursday.

In the speech, titled “How can we make Singapore more socially isolated?”, Singaporeans also slammed the prime minster for not taking steps to address social distaring.

This includes not making social distas- tion a priority in his policies, he said.

There is a lack of awareness among the public about social distance, the government said.

It also urged people to “take responsibility for their actions and act accordingly”.

Mr Tan, the president of the SPS, said social distan- tagement was a big issue that needed to be addressed.

It is not just people’s personal issues, he added.

However, Singaporeans said they believed social distais were not being addressed well.

Many people do not have the right tools or skills to manage social distany, and many people fail to recognise their own social distann- ings, the SPDS said.

“Many people have social distans of a different type, and we are not sure how to best address these,” the report said.

“Social distances are not just an issue for the people who are isolated, they are an issue of the people we love.”

It was also suggested that social dista- tance could become a problem for people who were already socially isolated.

People should be aware of how to manage their own distanions, the report warned.

We should work on improving our social distaa- tion skills and make the social distause more relevant for everyone.

More to come.

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